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Why You Should Post Your Resume

When applying for a job, through an online career hunting or job hunting website, the application process will all depend on the website in question. In most cases, you will be required to fill out a small form. That form may ask your full name, your address, your telephone number, as well as a little bit of information about your work experience and the education that you received. In addition to this information, which in a way resembles a standard job application, you will need to attach your resume. Many career hunting or job hunting websites allow you to upload your resume to their system or have you create a new one in their system. This resume is what will basically determine if you get an interview; therefore, it is important that you always make sure to attach a resume when applying for a job online, even if the employer in question only says that one is optional.

Although it is advised that you attach a resume whenever applying for a job, especially online, there are many job hunting or career hunting websites that allow you to do more than that. For instance, many also allow you to post your resume online or make it searchable; searchable to employers who use the website in question. What does this mean for you? It means that you and your resume could get exposure without you having to do any work yourself. The simple uploading of your resume, the clicking of the searchable box, and you should be good to go. As a reminder, most career hunting or job hunting websites do not make your resume available to the general public, just the employers who use their services; therefore, you shouldn’t have to worry about your resume falling into the wrong hands.

As previously stated, uploading your resume to a job hunting or career hunting website and making it searchable may be help you land a job or at least an interview with little or no work on your part. This is because many employers actually find it easier to search for the perfect candidates themselves, instead of having to go through hundreds or thousands of resumes and job applications, many from those whose are not even qualified for the job in question anyways. So, that is why it is important that you have your resume posted and made viewable by employers on career hunting or job hunting websites. You never really know who may come across your resume or what type of job they will offer you.


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