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Top 7 Reasons To Have a Business Website

1) The ability to sell your products online, typically using an online shopping cart or eBay, could greatly increase your sales. Just thing, your products will be seen in more then one place, give you greater exposure. Plus, the overhead of displaying your products in an online shopping cart is far less then in a conventional store.

2) Give information that you would not normally be able too- A website can be organized with any and all the information you want displayed. Plus, providing information about your business will make the customer feel more informed, which in turn will make them more likely to do business with you.

3) A website is globally accessible, provided your domain name is known or searchable. Can you name one of form of advertising that is available to anyone in the world, 24 hours a day? You may gain clientele that you would not normally be able to market too in the “real world.”

4) Website are cheap- Sure, initially it will cost you some money to create and setup your website, but once your website is up, it will remain up as long as you keep paying for hosting and your domain name, which averages about 6 dollars a month. You cannot place an ad in the local newspaper for 6 dollars a week, much less 6 dollars a month.

5) Clients will be able to view your store and contact you 24 hours a day. You business probably has set hours in which you are open. Once you close your doors for the day, no other customer can come in and make a purchase. With a website your products are available for purchase 24 hours a day.

6) Minimize customer problems and questions- Again, this goes back to the information situation. If a client has a problem or question about your products or services, they can go online and read the information that you have provided, or at least direct them to a website that can help them

7) Chances are, you completion has a website- The amount of businesses with a website are on the rise. With numbers reaching 80%, you cannot afford to NOT have a website, because chances are your competition already has a website.


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